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A place where corporations and supervisors find understanding and support for emploees who may have ADHD   

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 I am so excited and proud! I am a contributor in a second new book that was written just for you! "365 +1 ways to succeed with ADHD" a book co-authored, along with 80 other ADHD experts and professionals from around the globe. 365+1 ways to succeed with ADHD: A whole new year's worth of tips and strategies from the world's best ADHD Coaches and Experts.






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In 365 +1 ways to succeed with ADHD, you will learn from me and 80 other ADHD experts what you need to succeed with ADHD…all in bite-sized ADD-friendly format.  There is a full year of tips and strategies to succeed with ADHD, written with parents, children, adults and college students in mind.  There is something for everybody!  Within its pages is that tip or strategy you have been looking for.  I don’t want you to miss out!


ICF, CTI and ADDCA certified International coach






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